I am Satya Rani from Barsan village of Yamunanagar (Haryana). I am in food processing business from a very long time. Since my college days I started food processing work and I used to sell the products in the neighbourhood so that I can earn enough money for my college fees. During my college time I learned preparing many different food items (different types of food items).  After completing the college studies I got job in the same college as a Home Science trainer. In 2004 I was married and I continued my work even after marriage. My husband supported me a lot during all the time. After marriage I also started organic farming and dairy farming. Today I have a good collection of products in my collection and I am generating good revenue from it.

In the coming time, I am planning to expand my business domain. I also wants to inspire other girls and women in the society towards food processing and organic farming, so that they can become self-dependent.

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If God has given you everything – physically fit body and mentally fit mind, then you should work in a constructive direction and make use of strength in a positive way. Every person should recognize the hidden talent in themselves so that they can work towards it in benefitting the society.